Resident Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the District 26 Resident Program?


The program is for persons who are interested in becoming full time career Firefighters or Paramedics to receive the training necessary to enter the fire service as well as an associates degree in Fire Science, while living at a working fire station. All training and college course work will be paid for by the department.

How long does the program last?


The program is based on a four year cycle, with specific training and classes scheduled during that time.What are the requirements of the program? In addition to making the fire station their primary residence, resident firefighters are assigned to staff the station at night on a regular schedule. Currently they  are scheduled two nights on, four nights off. Residents also can elect to sign up for day time staffing shifts throughout the month. In addition to staffing the station, when off duty, residents are expected to respond to additional calls for service as needed when the on duty crew is aways on other calls. Residents are expected to be at their assigned station 4 nights a week including duty shifts. In training and college coursework they are expected to maintain a grade of 80% or higher. Failure to maintain academic or response standards can lead to dismissal from the program.

What training will I recieve as part of the program?


Members of the program will have required training and classes during the first three years. They can elect to apply to take other non mandatory training as long as it does not interfere with mandatory training.


Required Training:

Washington State Firefighter 1 and 2

Washington State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Hazmat Operations

Driver Operator

Swift Water Rescue

Rope Rescue

Wildland Firefighter 1 and 2

Associate's degree in Fire Science (college level work done through Everett Community College


Some Optional Training our members have taken include:

Rescue Swimmer

Advanced Wildland Firefighting Classes

Advanced EMT

Boat Operations

Incident Command

Ice Rescue


Will I be compensated for my time?


Members of our department are compensated for all shifts worked in accordance with state law. We use a point system where different activities provide points that have a monetery value. Most residents can expect to earn $500 to $1000 in point compensation per month. Outside work is strongly discouraged.

Who can I contact for more information?


Come to one of our informational sessions or contact for more information